Every single child is unique,
and our approach is too.



Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2019 is an educational project for children in Moldova, organized by a group of young mentors through Moldoway organization, with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova.



To increase the community of Game On alumni


To engage participants in post summer camp activities


To develop participants' English communication and writing skills


To improve participants' personal and interpersonal qualities through interactive workshops


To enhance personal empowerment and development through a 'leading by example' approach


To foster campers' learning of equity, social cohesion, active citizenship and leadership in the contemporary society


To provide a wide-range of activities in order to develop campers' multidimensional abilities, and to help them have a better understanding of their own qualities


To build healthy relationships between STAFF and participants, and allow the campers the freedom and autonomy to explore their ideas


Our goal is to broaden children's horizons, improve their English skills and develop their personal and social skills through different challenges and interactive activities.

kids at summer camp


To provide an individual approach towards education, where children gain life-changing values whilst having fun.

children doing brainstorm
Inga Daranuta
Co-Founder and Treasurer 

2016 - 2018
Organizer & Coordinator - Game On Summer Camp Moldova

Mihaiela Gaiu
Logistics & Communications Manager

2017 - 2018
Logistics & Communications Assistant - Game On Summer Camp Moldova

Nicu Gaibu

2016 - 2018
Organizer & Coordinator - Game On Summer Camp Moldova




Let the adventure begin!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2016 took place from June 6th - 16th at the Orizont High School in Chisinau. We had 22 campers, aged between 6-10, who came from different districts of Chisinau.


Be creative, spread the magic!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2017 took place from August 15th - 25th at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We had 42 campers, aged between 8-12, who came from 22 different regions of Moldova.


Challenge yourself, be your own hero!

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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2018 took place from August 15th - 21st at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We had 60 campers, aged between 10-13, who came from over 25 regions of Moldova.



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Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2019 will take place from August 19th - 25th at the Dacia Marin base in Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality. We will broaden the horizons of 80 campers, aged between 11-14, who will come from more than 25 regions of Moldova.



The theme of Game On Summer Camp Moldova 2019 was:
Break free, create your own system!

As in 2018 the campers managed to understand themselves and learn to be their own heroes by improving themselves and developing hero-like qualities, this year, we plan to work with them on building the understanding of the society around them and their role in it. Each day we face 'the system', hearing what is right and what is wrong along with being implied rules to follow without explanations. As our campers reached the age of starting differentiating right and wrong, trying to figure out what is good and bad, we support the development of their ability to make a change. Therefore, the theme of 2019 was: 
Break free, create your own system!

Details about the summer camp:

Place: Vadul lui Voda, Chisinau municipality
Dates: 19 - 25 August
Number of campers: 80
Age of campers: 11 - 14 years old
STAFF members: 8 trainers, 8 volunteers, 4 management team members
Participation Fee: No participation fee, it is financially supported by U.S. Embassy in Moldova.

Applications are closed.



How does the government function? 
Each day was dedicated to a different ministry, offering both theoretical and practical information in an interactive format, so they become the influencers of the fate of the society they live in. They had to go beyond their knowledge and be creative in order to question the known truth by adults and be able to provide innovative solutions.

Day I
Regional Development Ministry
Day II
Ministry of Education, Culture and Research
Ministry of Health and Environment
Day IV
Ministry of Finance
Day V
Ministry of Justice
Day VI
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of External Affairs


The activities during the first part of each day rotated and included the following workshops: English Club, Debate Club, Project Design Club, Board Games Club.